For inexperienced users it´s difficult to keep events and gallery up-to-date. Content Management Systems are often less intuitiv. As a result, the webpages fall into a bad state and in last consequence the programmer gets responsibility for maintenance. The Design was already fixed by the previous webpage (Wordpress). First priority was to design a reliable webpage which works for PC, tablet and mobile. The musician Masa Novosel has already a facebook account - and she would have spent a lot of time for keeping both (facebook and webpage) up-to-date. The HTML-webpage is linked with the Facebook-ID and an album (just the musician ist able to upload pictures into this folder). The images on facebook will be automatically transferred to the webpage. In this way the musician is able to upload spontaneously images by mobile to facebook which will be transferred to the webpage. The webpage doesn´t need costly professional maintenance.

An ambitious concert demands reasonable information. The programme for "recital from Schostakowitsch" mirrors the message graphically and haptically by layout, color and typo.