Status Quo
Based on an already existing product the company HEADFLAT GmbH wants to improve the product. The mobile holder for smartphones allows watching video, making movies or playing mobile games in nearly all thinkable situations by "hands free". The previous product consists of a lot of parts, which may be only mounted by a detailled manual. The shape does not follow the ergonomical shape of the head. The mobile will be fixed manually by screw. Overall the product look is “craftish not stylish”. Furthermore the packaging has to be revised.

The new product needs an emotional look to talk to a wider target group. Usability and mounting have to be simple and intuitive.

The reduced number of parts simplifies the mounting. Different sizes of mobile phones may be fixed by one hand. The spring mechanism is a safe solution even for lateral speed-up. The ergonomical shape makes the product compatible with all peaked caps. The color concept is according to the CI-colors of the manufacturer. An already existing vector-logo was transferred to a 3D-object which transports the emotional message.